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IV Therapy Treatments for Long Beach, CA Residents

Intravenous Hydration & Vitamin Infusions to Revive, Replenish & Rejuvenate

Discover the revitalizing benefits of intravenous hydration and vitamin infusions at Boost Hydration. Our treatments go beyond traditional methods, providing immediate and complete absorption of essential nutrients for optimal results. Revive your energy levels, replenish vital nutrients, and rejuvenate your overall well-being with our personalized IV therapy options.

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What Can IV Therapy Treat in Long Beach?

Uncover the healing power of IV therapy in Long Beach. From combating fatigue to enhancing immune function, our treatments address a range of issues, including hangovers, jet lag, muscle recovery, and more.


Available Long Beach IV Treatments from Boost Hydration

GlutathioneGLUTATHIONE IV Hangover IV TherapyHANGOVER RESCUE IV hydration Newport Beach CAHYDRATION WELLNESS Cold and Flu Therapy Hydration TreatmentCOLD & FLU IV THERAPY Vitamin C Boost IV TherapyVITAMIN C BOOST IV hydration for athletesATHLETE PREP IV DRIP Fitness Recovery IV TreatmentsFITNESS RECOVERY IV NAD+ IV THERAPY Immune IV drip orange countyIMMUNE BOOST IV Jet Lag IV therapy in Orange County, CAJET LAG RELIEF Brain Boost IV Therapy for memory, brain fog and mental clarityBRAIN BOOST IV Party Prep IV HydrationPARTY PREP Migraine IV treatmentMIGRAINE IV TREATMENT Energy Recharge IV TreatmentsENERGY RECHARGE Anti-Aging IV Hydration TherapyANTI‑AGING IV THERAPY Stress Relief IV HydrationSTRESS RELIEF IV IV therapy for surgery recoveryPOST-SURGERY BOOST Custom IV vitamin infusions Newport Beach CAADD-ON BOOSTS IV therapy package pricing and savingsIV PACKAGES IV therapy bring a friend rewardsBRING A FRIEND REWARDS

Why Choose Boost Hydration for Intravenous Infusions in Long Beach? 

At Boost Hydration, we offer a few advantages when you choose us as your IV therapy provider.

IV Therapy Cost near Long Beach

Boost Hydration IV infusions are priced from $99 to $225 based on the size and type of infusion. Most of our IV treatments cost $175 for a large bag. IV treatment prices are found on individual treatment pages.

Our add-on boosts are priced from $25 to $50 each and can be added to the IV treatment of your choice.

Save on IV therapy and vitamin injections with Boost Hydration IV infusion & boost shot package pricing!

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Surprise your loved ones with the gift of well-being. Our e-gift cards are easy, thoughtful, and perfect for any occasion. Purchase online and send instantly or schedule for the perfect moment.

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Add Glutathione to any IV Treatment

Glutathione is an extremely potent antioxidant, skin lightener, and immune booster. Learn more about the many amazing benefits of glutathione and why glutathione IV therapy is recommended over oral supplements. ALA is another important and powerful antioxidant available to enhance any IV treatment. Alpha lipoic acid has many benefits for your skin, heart, thyroid, and weight loss goals.

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