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Athlete IV Hydration
Hydration for Athletes
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Improve Your Athletic Performance with IV Vitamin Therapy

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IV Fluids for Athletes in Orange County, CA

Volleyball Player after IV Hydration Treatment containing IV fluids for athletesProper hydration is essential for your athletic performance as well as your overall well-being. Dehydration and overhydration can be life threatening. Without enough water, you may experience muscle cramps and weakness, headaches, and digestive distress. With too much water, your sodium levels drop and your cells swell with the extra fluids.

To stay hydrated enough without overdoing it, stick to these hydration tips recommended by experts:

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Whether you're concerned about hydration on a bike ride or staying hydrated during a marathon, our IV hydration for athletes provides the fluids and nutrients you use up while exercising. For fast hydration and an electrolyte boost, try our Athlete Prep Hydration IV therapy and our Fitness Recovery hydration therapy. You’ll be rehydrated and your vitamins and electrolytes will be fully replenished!

Book your IV therapy appointment online for your best athletic performance, or contact our athletic hydration experts in Costa Mesa to learn more!