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IV Hydration When Sick
Staying Hydrated While Sick
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Staying Hydrated While You're Sick is Easier with IV Therapy

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How to prevent dehydration when your stomach is sensitive

Orange County woman struggles to stay hydrated when suffering from vomiting and diarrhea

Feeling nauseous is the worst. Be kind to yourself and help your body recover with IV hydration.

Important: If you’re too sick to be able to drink water and keep it down, you should seek professional medical treatment from your primary care physician or a hospital. Dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea and other illness can be very serious. This advice is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling.

Your body loses a lot of fluids when you’re sick. It’s important to replace lost water and nutrients so your cells have the energy to fight off the sickness. When you’re sick, you often don’t have the appetite to eat properly.

There’s a better way to get the hydration and nutrients you need to get better faster. IV vitamin infusions deliver fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients directly to your cells, bypassing your digestive system.

After one easy, 30-minute treatment in our relaxing spa environment, you’ll be on your way to recovering.

Boost Hydration has several IV treatments formulated to help you feel better when your stomach’s been acting up:

You can also add anti-nausea supplements to any of our IV treatments to help quell a queasy stomach. Our hydration clinic near Newport Beach also offers flu shots to keep you healthy.

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IV Therapy Helps You Get Your Strength Back

If you’re feeling weak, tired and mentally sluggish from an illness or other condition, IV therapy can help you recover faster.

IV hydration is a safe and effective way to replenish lost fluids, especially when your digestive system is sensitive from:

IV hydration can help you stay hydrated whether you’re recovering from a recent illness or suffer from chronic digestive disorders making your system sensitive.

Tips for Preventing Dehydration When You Have Diarrhea or Vomiting

It’s easy to lose fluids quickly when your digestive system is upset. Yet staying hydrated is more important than ever. Remember to rest as much as possible, and try these tips for keeping dehydration at bay:

Of course it’s best to rest in a climate-controlled environment out of the sun if heat has been a factor in causing your symptoms. Staying hydrated when you’re feeling bad can seem like a lot of work, but it’s far better than allowing dehydration to get worse.

Fast-acting IV hydration has many health benefits in addition to a faster recovery from illness. We can even customize a treatment just for you.

Book an appointment for IV therapy for the fastest way to rehydrate, or contact our IV hydration experts to learn more!