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IV Hydration Reviews – Orange County IV Therapy Clinic

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Sep 28,2019
Yvi C.
4 stars on Yelp
Atmosphere : really clean it's at the back of a wellness center. Clean environment. They access your line in one room then take you to the relaxation room...
Aug 31,2019
C. A.
5 stars on Google
I've been to Boost Hydration many times over the past few years and I love the friendly staff, clean and decorated rooms and the selection of IVs and shots. Jennifer is amazing and can work with my small veins with no problem! Whether I get IVs to enhance my fitness/health, or if I'm sick and need extra Vitamin C, pain reliever and TLC, or for anti-aging, this is the place to go. When I go regularly, my skin looks plump and glowing. I highly recommend Boost Hydration. 👍
Aug 01,2019
Yvi C.
5 stars on Yelp
Atmosphere : really clean it's at the back of a wellness center. Clean environment. They access your line in one room then take you to the relaxation room...
May 29,2019
Paula M.
5 stars on Yelp
I went in earlier today with the beginning symptoms of a cold- sore throat, a bit of a headache, achy body, ecr. People around me have been sick lately so...
May 20,2019
Brooke R.
5 stars on Yelp
Was my first time today. Jennifer was personable and down to earth, I felt comfortable asking questions and now I think my body is Ready for over sea travels
May 20,2019
Lisa G.
5 stars on Yelp
After a crazy travel Week I came in Monday morning for a small Bag of fluids. Feeling much much better. Thx. The space is small but comply. The price was...
Mar 04,2019
Naomi M.
5 stars on Yelp
First Time Patients here at Boost Hydration under the care of Nurse Amy, and couldn't be more relieved and feeling much better mentally and physically for...
Jan 30,2019
Sergio A.
4 stars on Yelp
Great experience! took me in as a walk in, explained how it worked and the effects I would possibly experience and was on my way.
Sep 6,2018
Jeff Broeking
5 stars on Google
This place is great. I felt so much better after my treatment. Jennifer is awesome and makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in.
Feb 2,2018
Cynthia Garcia
5 stars on Google
This place helped me kick my cold/flu! I was sick for almost 2 months and my Dr wouldn’t give me any medication. I was frustrated and my body was beyond run down. I was so desperate that I began searching on the internet for options to help me getter better. I was so very thankful and glad that I came across this place. I was given the cold/flu vitamin drip and I had such great energy within the same day and I felt amazingly better after 2 days. My cold completely went away and I was back to normal. I truly believe after trying everything for my cold/flu, that this vitamin drip nursed me back to health in such a short period of time. I’m definately going back!!
Feb 07,2018
Guyla P.
5 stars on Yelp
This has been a tough Winter fighting off colds and flus. Too many viruses for all of us to fight off. Never would have thought about getting IVs to aid...
Jan 19,2018
Troy Knott
5 stars on Google
Boost Hydration, Jennifer and Betsy are awesome. They've helped me on a number of occasions. The IVs really got me back in shape after this round of flu and cold. I got back from a long international trip and was feeling super crumby. It was a little later on a Saturday, but Jen stayed open for me knowing how much it would help get me back on track from traveling and being sick at the same time. What could have had me down for a week, I was back to normal in just over a day! They are all so great in there... I couldn't recommend them more highly and great benefits of their IV formulas.
Jan 08,2018
Christine T.
5 stars on Yelp
I reactivated my Yelp account to share about this place! I had been sick with a high fever and terrible sore throat for about 5 days. I had to do something...
Dec 22,2017
Rachel B.
5 stars on Yelp
They made me feel comfortable and got me in and out in no time! Definitely going back!
Dec 21,2017
John M.
5 stars on Yelp
Having recently tried hydration therapy for the first time in Las Vegas (not the first time actually, I had a beach house rental in the Jersey shore 20...
Nov 07,2017
Mark B.
5 stars on Yelp
I absolutely love this place. I seem to always get run down during the holidays which happens to be my busiest time of year. One session here and I...
Nov 09,2017
Mireya H.
5 stars on Yelp
They made me feel so comfortable and she found my vein ! That's always a bonus I can't stand when they poke you every where to find a good vein .
Nov 10,2017
Michael R.
5 stars on Yelp
Great and friendly service! Wish I could be here every month! Thanks Boost Hydration!
Nov 11,2017
Vicky K.
5 stars on Yelp
Great nurses and great staff . I bought a package of B12 shots . I'm a full time teacher , Mom , and cancer survivor .... I need all the help I can get ....
Oct 07,2017
Chadwick B.
5 stars on Yelp
Jennifer and her staff are so carrying and beautiful. Great people providing an amazing service that we all need. Dehydration is a killer. Feed your organs...
Oct 11,2017
Oliver S.
5 stars on Yelp
This was my first time at boost, I have done IV treatment in Vegas and in LA and so happened to google IV treatment near me and this was the first one/only...
Sep 10,2017
5 stars on Google
Great service, I will be returning soon!
Sep 25,2017
Pamela B.
5 stars on Yelp
Love this place never felt better when I leave.
Sep 27,2017
Johnny A.
5 stars on Yelp
Jennifer at Boost Hydration might be the nicest person I have ever met. I was sick with a terrible cold that would not go away. I called Boost hydration and...
Jul 01,2017
Kristil C.
5 stars on Yelp
It WORKS!!! I got the hydration IV with a B12 infusion and it was the best choice I've made in a long time. Instantly I felt better. My dark circles went...
Jun 29,2017
Jake Brown
5 stars on Google
Jun 29,2017
Erika O.
5 stars on Yelp
I am so glad I came to this place. Great customer service and most important friendly! Jennifer is very informative and answered all my concerns. I received...
Jun 05,2017
Kristina C.
5 stars on Yelp
Called two other hydration therapy spots and no one could answer their phone. After almost giving up we called Boost and they answered right away. They were...
Jan 1,2017
carmela meade
5 stars on Google
Oct 21,2016
S W.
5 stars on Yelp
I woke up feeling suddenly sick, sore throat, head ache, congested, watery eyes, post nasal, feverish, shaky dehydrated and fatigued. I have a super busy...
Mar 9,2016
Echo Johnson
5 stars on Google
I love BOOST and the whole staff. You will feel amazing when you leave.
Jul 30,2015
Renee M. Pina
5 stars on Google
Love this environment and friendly staff! the IV Therapy works! I was trying to kick a cold for 2 weeks, and as soon as I had the treatment I felt so much better and the next day felt like Wonder Woman, no kidding. You must give it a try.

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