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Custom IV vitamin infusions Newport Beach CA
Add-On Boosts
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Add-On Personalized Vitamin Infusion Boosts in Orange County, CA

At Boost Hydration your well-being is our number-one priority. No two people are alike, and sometimes special health concerns require a unique IV treatment. We make it easy to customize your hydration therapy with just the right supplements to support your lifestyle and wellness goals. With our Newport Beach medical spa, you can supplement any of our IV treatments with an add-on boost, or speak to one of our highly experienced vitamin IV professionals to create a custom IV formula just for you. Enjoy your relaxing IV vitamin infusion in our spa-like wellness center, or reserve a private room for IV therapy for you and your group.

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What is an IV Boost Add-On?

An IV Boost Add-On is a customizable enhancement to your IV therapy experience. These add-ons are designed to address specific health concerns and support individual wellness goals. Whether you're looking to recover from a workout, boost your immune system, or alleviate discomfort, the add-ons provide targeted solutions. 

Our add-ons allow you to tailor your IV therapy, addressing your specific health and wellness requirements. Boost Hydration's experienced professionals are ready to guide you in creating a personalized IV formula to enhance your overall well-being.

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Why Choose

At Boost Hydration in Newport Beach, California, we understand that maintaining your health is essential for a vibrant and productive life. When it comes to choosing the right provider for your Boost IV Add-Ons, we stand out for several compelling reasons.

  • Expertise:Trust our experienced medical professionals for safe and effective vitamin drips.

  • Customizable Treatment: Tailor your drip to your unique needs and goals.

  • Convenient Location: Our Newport Beach location offers flexible scheduling for your busy lifestyle.

  • Competitive Pricing: Get value for your investment with our competitive pricing.

  • Comprehensive Energy Boost: Experience fast and long-lasting results for a holistic energy boost.

Add-On Boost IV Drip Ingredients

All Boost IV formulas include essential electrolytes, B-vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), selenium, and trace minerals. Additionally, you can tailor your IV treatment with the following add-ons:

IV Therapy Benefits

IV therapy has many benefits, and gives every cell in your body the fluids and nutrients it needs so you can look and feel your best.

IV vitamin therapy can help you:

Or simply ensure your body has the fluids and nutrients it needs so you can look and feel your best! Choose the IV treatment you need from our hydration therapy menu, then select your choice of add-on boosts to create a personalized recipe for health and wellness.

Save on all IV treatments and vitamin injections with our IV therapy package pricing.

Glutathione - $30

Called “the mother of all antioxidants,” glutathione delivers potent and effective antioxidant immune support to fight infection and disease. This powerhouse molecule is made up of three key amino acids and has multiple important functions in our bodies. Longevity researchers have even drawn parallels between glutathione levels in cells and predicting how long we’ll live!

In addition to helping your body detoxify, glutathione IV therapy has also been shown to:

  • Lighten and brighten skin tone by inhibiting melanin production in cells
  • Play a vital role in the immune system & strong T-cell function
  • Make drugs more easily digestible and reduce drug resistance
  • Protect against environmental toxins

Studies have also shown a correlation between patients suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, and glutathione deficiency. Ensure your body is getting the benefits from this key nutrient with a glutathione add-on in your favorite IV treatment.

Lipoic Acid - $30

Lipoic acid is a powerful and highly effective antioxidant, and works well with glutathione. It is shown to reduce oxidative stress throughout the entire body, and has been characterized as a broad-spectrum solution to many health problems associated with aging.

Lipoic Acid Benefits include:

  • Promotes optimal eye health
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and decreases insulin resistance
  • Reduces intensity and frequency of migraine headaches
  • Improves skin texture and youthfulness
  • Prevents bone loss

Because it helps neutralize oxidative stress in the neurological system, some studies show it may help prevent or manage Alzheimer’s disease, as well as protect against brain damage after a stroke. Learn more about the benefits of alpha lipoic acid IV treatments or book your appointment online today.

Pain Reliever - $25

Boost’s anti-inflammatory Pain Reliever add-on works quickly to give you relief from suffering. When you swallow a pill you have to wait for the medicine to make it through your digestive system until whatever remains is finally absorbed. When you need relief now, nothing works faster than delivering an effective pain relief treatment directly to your bloodstream.

Add on a Pain Reliever boost to your IV therapy treatment to help with:

  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Post-partum pain
  • Sore muscles and/or cramps
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Seasonal allergy symptoms

Whatever type of pain you’re feeling, you don’t have to live with it, and you don’t have to wait around for a pill to hopefully kick in. Schedule your IV therapy treatment for effective pain relief while you rehydrate and replenish.

Anti-Nausea - $25

Get fast relief to settle your stomach so you can rest and relax. Whether you’re feeling queasy from a hangover, a nasty bout of flu, or from chemotherapy, this Anti-Nausea add-on works quickly to quell an upset stomach.

One minute of feeling nauseous is one minute too long. You don’t have to leave your house to benefit from soothing IV therapy treatment. When you need relief, you’re only one call or click away from fast-acting anti-nausea therapy, delivered straight to your home.

Vitamin C - $25

Everyone loves Vitamin C, and this antioxidant superstar loves you back! Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C helps with collagen formation and is important for healthy skin. It’s also a proven immune booster, and helps your body protect itself from toxins such as pollution. Studies have shown vitamin C can have a positive effect on your mood, energy level, and even help combat stress and heart disease.

Your body can’t store this essential nutrient, and you can’t afford to go a single day without it. Ensure maximum absorption by sending an extra dose of vitamin C straight into your bloodstream where it can do the most good. Learn more about the benefits of vitamin C IV treatments or book your appointment online today.

Extra Fluid - $75

Rehydrate your body on a cellular level for supple skin, sparkling eyes, and an energy boost you can feel! Your body is mostly water, and every cell needs hydration, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Send replenishing fluids where they’re needed most, increase blood flow to your vital organs, and cleanse your system from daily chemical exposure.

Extra fluid is a perfect choice for athletes, anyone recovering from illness, or when you need to throw a hangover into reverse!

Custom IV Treatments Available

No two people are alike, and while everyone benefits from optimal hydration there is no one-size-fits-all wellness treatment. Our doctors will be happy to discuss your situation and create a customized IV hydration treatment just for you! Simply reach out to request an appointment to get started or contact us with questions.

Add-On IV Boost Frequently Asked Questions

  How does personalized IV therapy benefit me?

Personalized IV therapy at Boost Hydration provides targeted hydration and essential nutrients, offering benefits such as faster recovery from workouts, immune support, relief from hangovers, and improvements in skin health.

  Can I customize my IV treatment to address specific health concerns?

Absolutely! Boost Hydration offers a range of IV boost add-ons, including Glutathione, Lipoic Acid, and more, allowing you to tailor your IV experience to address specific concerns such as pain relief, anti-nausea, and immune boosting.

  What sets Boost Hydration apart from other wellness centers?

Boost Hydration stands out with its commitment to personalized care. Our experienced professionals work with you to create a customized IV formula, ensuring that your unique health and wellness goals are met with precision and expertise.

  Are the IV treatments safe and administered by qualified professionals?

Yes, at Boost Hydration, your well-being is our priority. Our IV treatments are administered by highly experienced vitamin IV professionals in a spa-like wellness center. We adhere to stringent safety standards to ensure a secure and comfortable experience.

  How can I schedule a personalized IV treatment at Boost Hydration?

Scheduling your personalized IV treatment is easy. You can either book your appointment online or consult with our specialists at our Newport Beach location. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you with Boost Hydration.

Glutathione IV therapy Glutathione IV infusions detoxify, protect & enhance every cell in your body. Vitamin C Boost for natural immune support and energy in Newport Beach, Ca Our high dose Vitamin C hydration is formulated to make your skin glow and give your immune system the immediate super boost it needs to fight colds, flu, low energy and more. Relief for cold and flu symptoms in California Concentrated formulation of vitamin C, zinc, selenium & more to knock out a cold or flu fast. Hydration Boost Newport Beach, CA Essential hydration with electrolytes and vitamins to replenish fluids and keep your body healthy. Fight colds and flu in Santa Ana, CA with an immune boost A liquid infusion of 11 ingredients is the "ounce of prevention" you need to pump up your immune system and protect your body from colds and other viral threats. Weekend parties on Seal Beach start early can result in a hangover When "just one more" was one too many, our hangover infusion will get you back on your feet in no time. Anti-aging nutrients for a long California life Boost's version of the "Fountain of Youth" with 11 powerful ingredients to help you look young and feel vibrant. Energy Recharge for long office hours Our energy hydration formula with 12 key nutrients is the liquid lightning you need to recharge & revive. Brain boost IV treatment IV hydration with essential nutrients and taurine improves concentration, attention & working memory. Athlete Pre-Performance hydration therapy in Orange County California You're an athlete, prep like one! Our Athlete Prep IV is formulated to help you go the distance and then some. Relieve the stress of a long California commute with IV Therapy in your neighborhood Enter the Stress Free Zone with Boost Hydration's 12 essential nutrients to calm the body, eliminate moodiness, irritability and other signs of stress. Before a big party in Stanton get boosted Overnighter, long week, festival. You're going for one reason – to party. Our Party Prep IV with 11 nutrients will give you the hydration and energy you need to keep the party going. Exhausted after a long run in Fountain Valley, CA? Fitness recovery is here IV therapy for those who play as hard as they work rehydrates quickly & promotes muscle recovery. IV infusions can help you sleep better If restless sleep makes you tired and cranky our sleep infusion will calm your body so you wake up feeling wide awake and recharged. Migraine relief in Fullerton CA You know it hurts. We know we can help. Our hydration infusion will help your body fight migraines and alleviate your misery. Post Surgery Pain Relief Orange County Recover faster. Our highly concentrated infusion with hydration and 11 key nutrients is formulated to kick start the healing process for a faster recovery. Recover from Jet Lag faster Hydration plus 10 essential vitamins to help your body adjust to long travel and new time zones. Cramps Pain Relief Newport Beach Real relief from monthly PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, weight gain, irritability and more. You deserve it.