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Jet Lag IV therapy in Orange County, CA
Jet Lag Relief
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Jet Lag IV Therapy in Orange County, CA

NAD+ Therapy Benefits

NAD+ is essential to the body. Our services increase the naturally occurring molecule for cellular support and better overall health.

Large 1000ml IV drip: $175

IV Vitamins & hydration for fast relief from jet lag symptoms

Jet lag IV therapy in Orange County

Feel better while traveling & after you arrive with IV hydration + vitamin therapy.

Crossing time zones takes its toll on your sleep schedule. Boost’s Jet Lag Relief IV therapy with hydration and essential nutrients helps your body adjust to long travel and new time zones.

Jet lag IV therapy is ideal for pilots, flight attendants and anyone traveling by air for business or pleasure.

Enjoy a relaxing IV hydration session before you fly for maximum up-time when you arrive. Our IV drip formulation is equally effective when you return.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa

Group travel, meet group wellness

Traveling with a group for business, a family vacation or destination wedding? Feel better, together, with IV treatments for groups. Schedule a private party at our spa-like hydration clinic for your whole group.

Jet Lag IV Drip Ingredients

In addition to saline to rehydrate you quickly, our intravenous jet lag treatment includes vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system and support restful sleep.

IV fluids and vitamins, delivered directly into your bloodstream, help you sleep better and get your circadian rhythm back on track more quickly.

Jet Lag Causes

Jet lag disorder is a disruption to your body’s natural circadian rhythms. It can happen whenever you fly across two or more time zones.1

Your circadian rhythms are your internal clock regulating your sleep-wake cycle. When you arrive at your destination after crossing multiple time zones, your internal clock is not in line with the local time.

On top of jet lag disorder, travel dehydration from long flights takes its toll. Dehydration not only makes jet lag symptoms worse, it can cause fatigue, discomfort, headache and nausea.

Natural treatment for jet lag symptoms in Costa Mesa

Support your immune system & help your circadian rhythms adjust with jet lag IV therapy.

Jet Lag Symptoms

Jet lag symptoms may differ for each person, but in general they include:

The longer you travel, the more severe jet lag symptoms tend to be. Jet lag IV therapy helps frequent travelers bounce back more quickly, and helps infrequent travelers make the most of their trip.

All-Natural Jet Lag Prevention Tips

Reduce the effects of jet lag with simple, natural remedies:

You don’t have to cross multiple time zones to feel tired and dehydrated from traveling. IV hydration is the ideal natural fatigue remedy for jet-setters and anyone needing a fast-acting energy boost.

Beat Jet Lag with IV Drip Vitamins & Hydration

IV vitamin therapy is a fast, natural way to support your body during long flights and reduce the effects of jet lag and airplane dehydration. Custom formulations are available for anyone with specific concerns about the effects of air travel on the body and mind.

Even when you’re not traveling, your sleep pattern can get thrown off course depending on your diet, exercise habits, and innumerable other factors. To start sleeping better and feeling healthier, visit our Orange County hydration clinic for an IV hydration sleep aid or hydration wellness IV therapy.

Book an IV treatment online for fast and easy jet lag relief to make the most of your trip, or contact Boost Hydration to learn more.


Mayo Clinic. [Jet lag disorder - Symptoms and causes] 2018.

Choy, Mary. Salbu, R. Jet Lag: Current and Potential Therapies. [National Center for Biotechnology Information] 2011.


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