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Fitness Recovery IV Treatments
Fitness Recovery IV
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Fitness Recovery IV Therapy – Orange County, CA

NAD+ Therapy Benefits

NAD+ is essential to the body. Our services increase the naturally occurring molecule for cellular support and better overall health.

Large 1000ml IV drip: $249

Recover faster from intense exercise & get relief for sore muscles

IV therapy for bodybuilding in Orange County

Our Fitness Recovery IV includes amino acids for faster muscle recovery.

Proper hydration is crucial for muscle recovery, pain relief, weight loss and optimal athletic performance.

When your body starts screaming for a break, an easy 30-minute IV treatment provides the hydration, amino acids, electrolytes & other essential nutrients you need to recover quickly and get back into your fitness routine.

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IV hydration in our relaxed spa setting will have you saying “aaahhhhh” in no time.

Bounce back together

We offer private party IV therapy at our spa-like hydration clinic. Contact us to book a private room for your class, team or personal training clients.

IV therapy goes directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption and fast results. Boost’s IV infusion of 12 powerful ingredients is formulated to give you a post-workout snapback and reduce downtime.

Fitness Recovery IV ingredients

L-Carnitine, glycine, taurine are all important amino acids for muscle recovery. Glutathione is an amazing compound amino acid with benefits for bodybuilders and beyond, and you can add it to any IV formula for just $30.

Customize any of our IV treatments with add-on boosts, or talk to us about creating a custom formula addressing your specific health goals!

We also offer an Athlete Prep IV to boost your energy before a workout or competition.

4 Effective Post-Workout Muscle Recovery Techniques

Workout Recovery IV Treatment after Weight Lifting Costa Mesa

After stretching your body out and pushing it to its limits, you can end your workout feeling sore and fatigued. Getting your sore muscles relaxed and re-energized again quickly is important for your own comfort and well-being. Relieve your post-workout muscle pain with these helpful techniques.

Muscle Recovery Technique #1: Don’t Push It

This first technique starts before your workout does. When you’re lifting, running, swimming, or cycling, do not push yourself past your own limits. If you destroy your body, it will take longer to recover. If you’re interested in building muscle, stimulate your muscles enough so they grow without overworking yourself.

You’re already paying for a gym membership or home workout subscription service; why would you want to spend extra cash on pain relief medication too? To minimize muscle recovery time, take it easy during your workout. Push yourself to the limit and challenge yourself to achieve new goals, but for the sake of a better post-workout muscle recovery, do your best to not injure yourself.

Drinking from a water bottle or sports drink for a boost in fluids and electrolytes helps some, but your digestive system won’t absorb all the nutrients you’re paying for. Our Athlete Prep Hydration IV is the smart alternative, getting fluids and nutrients into your body faster and more effectively for easy post workout muscle recovery.

Muscle Recovery Technique #2: Stretch Again

Muscle recovery IV hydration therapy

Following your workout, it’s important that you do not immediately sit down. Your muscles have twisted and turned for quite a while now, and they need to be handled with care. Take time to cool down and stretch out your body post workout. Muscle flexibility is not only important for your health, but it can have a role in muscle growth and ache relief as well.

Relieving your muscular tension after each workout will help with future muscle relief as well. The stronger and more flexible your muscles become, the less soreness you’ll have to deal with in the future.

Protein shakes are also a great source of nutrients and can help ease your muscle ache after intense physical activity.

Muscle Recovery Technique #3: Relax, Really

We aren’t kidding. After you’re finished stretching, take some time for yourself. Your body can handle the stress from your workout, but other stresses in your life can have an effect on your post-workout muscle recovery time. Combine a rough day at work, loud kids at home, and an hour of leg day, and you’ve got one stressed out body.

Reducing stress so you can come back from your workout soreness can be as easy as holding a pet or watching a funny TV show. Take time to participate in some activity you really enjoy or spend time with loved ones. Reading, singing, writing, and even eating dinner with your family are all effective techniques to helping reduce your stress.

If you want instant stress reduction after a workout, try our quick anti-stress vitamin shots or our IV hydration for stress relief. Calm your mind and calm your body to help with your post-workout muscle pain.

Tips for sore muscle pain relief after intense exerciseMuscle Recovery Technique #4: Bed Time is Recovery Time

We can never stress enough how important sleep is to the overall health and function of your body as a whole. When it comes to post-workout muscle recovery, the most relevant and effective technique you can use is getting all the sleep you need in order to be free of any soreness. Set aside at least 7 hours of sleep every night to minimize your recovery time and prevent future post-workout muscle aches.

When you give up hours of potential sleep, your mental and physical state can be weakened. There are no shakes, supplements, or energy drinks on this planet that can make up for lost sleep. To keep your body comfortable and operating at its full potential in and out of the gym, get to bed at a reasonable time every night. Try our sleep therapy IV hydration to fight off insomnia and let your body recover.

IV treatments for sports recovery in Orange County

You know the importance of exercise and keep up a rigorous fitness routine to stay strong and healthy! It’s a critical part of your active lifestyle.

Whether you're a runner training for a marathon or you want to supplement your hydration for cycling, our Fitness Recovery intravenous infusion provides all the fluids, nutrients and electrolyte replacement you need. When your body starts screaming for a break, an easy 30-minute IV therapy from Boost Hydration provides the muscle and body relief to help you recover quickly and get you back into your fitness routine.

Boost Hydration is located in Newport Beach. From our IV hydration clinic we provide IV vitamin therapy to people living in Ahaheim, Corona, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Long Beach, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Westminster and the surrounding communities.

Book a hydration therapy appointment online for the hydration and nutrients you need to get back to the gym more often, or contact our IV fitness recovery specialists to learn more.

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