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Improve cycling endurance with IV hydration
Improve Cycling Endurance
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Increase Stamina for Long Bike Rides with IV Infusions

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How IV hydration enhances your endurance cycling training plan

Cyclist improves endurance with IV hydration treatmentsMaybe cycling is your life, your passion, your purpose. Or maybe you’re just a casual cyclist out for a ride to enjoy a beautiful day. Either way, you need to stay hydrated out there on the trail. If you’re planning on taking a long ride on a hot day, you may need to bring along several bottles of water to make sure you have enough.

Try our Athlete Prep IV treatment when preparing for a cycling event or a long bike ride. When you’re properly hydrated before you begin, your muscles work more efficiently so you can go further, faster.

After a long ride, replenish lost fluids and electrolytes quickly with our Fitness Recovery IV treatment. You’ll recharge your batteries more quickly and reduce muscle soreness so you can get back to training sooner.

Water, sports drinks and hydration supplements don’t get absorbed as thoroughly through your digestive system as IV hydration therapy does through your bloodstream. Hydration treatments for cyclists allow your body to absorb fluids and electrolytes more quickly without wasting any nutrients.

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How to Build Stamina for Cycling

Whether you’re getting ready for a race or just want to increase your endurance on your bike, there are simple training tips to follow for maximum stamina:

Along with a healthy diet and dedicated training program, IV vitamin therapy can help cyclists reach peak form for better endurance during races and recreational rides.

Alternative to Hydration Packs for Biking at Costa Mesa Hydration Clinic

Many cyclists make sure to start drinking fluids up to four hours before getting on the bike, drink water or sports drinks during the ride, and continue to rehydrate afterward. If you drink too much or too little, you may end up overhydrated or dehydrated. Either extreme can be dangerous or affect your performance. Cyclists and experts don’t always agree on how much water to drink before, during, and after a bike ride.

IV hydration takes away the guesswork. Instead of wearing a water backpack, hydration bladder, hydration belt, or other hydration system, just stop in for hydration therapy before your ride. You’ll avoid having water or a sports drink sitting uncomfortably in your stomach, while receiving all the benefits of proper hydration and a good balance of electrolytes. IV hydration is the best solution to stay hydrated for any type of cycling:

Maintaining your daily hydration even when you’re not cycling also helps you stay hydrated while biking. Continue getting IV infusions between rides instead of trying to catch up on race day and overdoing it. So put down the Camelbak or Osprey hydration backpack and bike over to our Costa Mesa IV hydration clinic. 

Whether you're a cyclist, a weight lifter, a hiker or a marathon runner, hydration and electrolyte balance are essential to keep your body healthy. When you’re biking in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach, Newport Beach, or anywhere in Orange County, enjoy your ride fully hydrated and swing by afterward for electrolyte and fluid replacement.

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