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Improve running stamina with IV infusions
Improve Marathon Endurance
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How IV Hydration Helps Runners Increase Stamina

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Include IV therapy in your marathon hydration plan

Marathon runner improves endurance with IV hydration treatments

Hydration for runners is important, especially if your workout lasts longer than an hour.

Intravenous hydration for marathon runners allows your body to absorb the fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins more quickly and efficiently than drinking water or sports drinks. 

When training for or running a marathon, your body maintains an optimal temperature by sweating. Improved running stamina requires efficient replenishment of the fluids lost through exercise.

Staying hydrated helps marathon runners:

Our Athlete Prep IV treatment helps marathon runners and other endurance athletes feel and perform at their best from the moment the race begins.

Our Fitness Recovery IV treatment replenishes lost fluids and nutrients more quickly so you can recover faster and get back on your feet sooner.

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Reduce your risk of dehydration from running

Drinking too little can have severe consequences, especially when training for or running in a marathon. Dehydration in runners can contribute to slower running times as well as cause a variety of health problems:

Furthermore, being dehydrated can lead to dangerous electrolyte imbalance

IV hydration has important advantages for marathon runners because it replenishes the sodium, minerals and other electrolytes lost through sweat, which has been shown to improve performance in marathons.

Whether you're a cyclist, a weight lifter, a hiker or a marathon runner, hydration and electrolyte balance are essential to keep your body healthy.

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