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Workplace Wellness
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Tips for a healthy Orange County office environment

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9 Proven Strategies for Improving Workplace Wellness

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We deliver hydration wellness to offices throughout Orange County.

More and more companies are looking for ways to improve employee wellness, improve productivity and keep health care costs manageable. Employees want to stay healthy at work, manage stress and have enough time and energy left at the end of the work day to do their favorite activities.

Here are 9 ways employees and bosses can easily improve workplace wellness:

Stay hydrated.

75% of Americans are living with chronic dehydration and don’t even know it. Headaches, hunger, fatigue and irritability can all be caused by lack of fluids. Drinking plenty of water is an easy way to feel better and flush toxins from your body to keep your immune system going strong.

There are apps and even high-tech water bottles to help you remember to drink water throughout the day. IV therapy sends fluids, electrolytes and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract, so you can benefit from proper hydration immediately.

IV hydration treatments are the fastest, easiest way to replenish fluids and revive your body and mind.  We offer private rooms for group treatments at our Costa Mesa hydration clinic.

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Take time to clean.

Wash your hands often, whether you’re sick or not, and take a few minutes at the end of each day to wipe down your workspace, including your phone and keyboard.

Micro-breaks for movement.

Whether you sit or stand at work, long stretches without moving take their toll on your body. Set a timer or set up an app to remind you to take a short walk around the office and stretch at least once an hour.

Fresh and refresh.

Try to get outside for at least a few minutes each day and soak up some vitamin D while you take in fresh air. Whether you sit quietly and clear your mind or squeeze in a power walk on your lunch break, your future self will appreciate the effort.

Meal planning pays off.

Take the time on your days off to plan healthy work meals and snacks for the week. Stay away from vending machine fare, take-out or highly processed prepared foods as much as possible. Your waistline and your wallet will thank you!

Careful with caffeine.

Keeping an eye on your caffeine intake from coffee, tea, energy drinks and soda will help you avoid energy crashes. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and snacking on fresh fruit is a better way to fuel a productive work day.

Rest your eyes.

Working on a computer can strain your eyes, leading to dryness and headaches. Try rubbing your palms together vigorously and then cupping them over your closed eyes for a quick refresher. You can also close your eyes or focus on a far-off object while brainstorming to give your eyes a break from screen time.

Be the boss of stress.

Take proactive steps to manage stress and avoid the mental and physical effects of too much stress. Develop pre- and post-work routines you enjoy such as taking a walk with your dog, reading a good book, getting a massage or scheduling IV therapy to look forward to.

Work as a team.

Everyone wants to enjoy good health, so it just makes sense to team up with the people you spend so much of your week with. Replace candy dishes or other available snacks with healthy options. Organize a group lunch or outing to motivate one another, or involve the office in a pedometer step-total challenge for a fun prize.

IV Therapy is your Shortcut to a Healthier Workplace

Boost Hydration offers IV treatments and vitamin injections perfect for supporting the busy lives we lead. Some of our most popular treatments are:

IV hydration treatments promote workplace wellness & employee health

When everyone makes an effort to be healthier at work, everyone benefits. Treat your staff to a fun and healthy group IV hydration session and improve the health and productivity of your office.

Book a group IV treatment at our Costa Mesa hydration clinic today.

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