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Private IV Treatments for Groups in Orange County
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Private Group IV Therapy in Orange County

Private party IV hydration costa mesa

Make it a party! Everyone feels and looks their best with IV hydration.

Group IV Hydration Gives a Boost to Social and Corporate Events

So you’ve tried IV therapy for yourself and want to share the benefits with your family, friends, teammates and colleagues. Who wouldn’t? Hydration treatments are a healthy, relaxing, fun group activity. Schedule your party at our Orange County hydration and your friends will thank you, because IV therapy has health advantages for everyone.

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Bring a Friend and You'll Both Save

Bring friends or family to your next IV therapy session and you'll all enjoy better health and discounted pricing.

With our bring a friend rewards offer, the more people you bring the more you'll save!

IV hydration therapy is a great way to prepare for or recover from group events including:

Corporate Events
Group Travel
Concerts & Festivals
Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
5Ks, Marathons & Bike Races



IV Hydration in the WorkplaceIV hydration for corporate events

Treat your staff to IV treatments in your office or company headquarters and reap the health benefits of hydration wellness. Vitamin infusions are a great addition to any corporate wellness program or just a fun way to reward the team for all their hard work.

Staying hydrated is a smart way to:

Schedule a group IV treatment before a big presentation or to help everyone recover from the company holiday party. Our nurses can also provide vitamin injections for a fast and healthy workday pick me up.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 

Group IV Treatments Before & After TravelIV hydration for travelers

Don’t let jet lag or an airplane cold ruin the vacation you’ve been planning. Make sure everyone in your travel party arrives at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed and photo-ready with pre-travel IV hydration treatments.

Avoid post travel depression, fatigue and sickness by staying hydrated and supporting your system with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family or coworkers a private party IV treatment before and after your trip will help everyone stay healthy and avoid the fatigue and stress associated with traveling.


IV Therapy for Birthday or Graduation Partiesprivate party IV hydration therapy

Boost Hydration has the perfect gift idea: an Anti-Aging Defense Treatment for the guest of honor and friends makes everyone feel more youthful than ever! Planning a fun (and champagne) filled birthday bash? Invite the gang to our spa-like treatment center for a relaxing Party Prep treatment before you paint the town.

Our infusions and injections make a convenient, healthy group activity, no matter the occasion. So grab the recent grad or surprise someone by remembering an important anniversary, and make the occasion even more memorable by infusing it with long-lasting energy and reduced stress.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 



Stay Hydrated for Concerts & Festivalsprivate party IV hydration therapy

Whether you love to rock out to your favorite band or shop till you drop at festivals and trade shows, a B12 Mega Boost vitamin shot or Hydration Wellness IV treatment will ensure you and your friends have the staying power to enjoy every minute of your next outing.

Exciting expos and long-awaited conventions are packed with eye candy and activity, but long lines and big crowds can be draining and create stress for your body.

Prevent oxidative damage with an Anti-Stress Defense shot or add powerhouse antioxidant glutathione to any IV treatment for extra detoxification and glowing skin.

Whether you’re in it for business or pleasure, make sure your group is protected from the extra exertion with an Immune Boost IV hydration treatment or a quick Antioxidant Recharge shot.



IV Hydration Helps You Prep for a Night of Clubbing (or Recover From)private party IV hydration therapy

Did you know that being deficient in certain vitamins or minerals can lead to fatigue or depression? Put your best self on the guest list and get your group in the mood for high-energy fun before hitting the dance floor with our fast and effective Good Mood Boost shot.

When good times got the better of you and you’re paying too dearly the morning after, call your friends and bring your sore feet and pounding heads to our cool and relaxing treatment center where you can piece together last night’s events and let our IV Hangover Rescue Treatment help you recover.

You’ll be ready for more nightlife in no time!

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 

Give Your Wedding Party a Gift of Hydrationprivate party IV hydration therapy

From the engagement party to the wedding reception, every minute spent celebrating true love is wildly worth it! Show up to support your favorite couple, and support the health of those you care about by treating your friends to Party Prep IV therapy before you clink glasses.

Book a private room and relax with your wedding party at our spa-like hydration clinic. Our fast and convenient IV treatments and vitamin injections ensure you’re all feeling your best for the main event.

Worried about fitting in to your dress? IV hydration to the rescue! Our metabolism-enhancing infusions can make all the difference in helping you look picture-perfect in time for the big day.



Cure Your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Hangoverprivate party IV hydration therapy

Don't let a night of partying get you down and let Boost Hydration help you celebrate longer and recover quicker. With our Hangover IV treatment and our Hangover Prevention IV, we're certain you're body and mind will thank us. Bring the party to us and don't forget to request a private room for your group so you can rehash the night's events.

Our Costa Mesa medical spa is relaxing and our private treatment rooms for groups are a great way to spend time with the ones close to you.

So whether you plan a morning after hydrating rendezvous or a pre-party prep, Boost Hydration will get you feeling your best with the fluids and key vitamins your body needs.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 



Stay Fully Hydrated for Your Next Race Or Eventprivate party IV hydration therapy

Running a 5k with friends, or coming together for a charity fundraiser? Give your team an edge with Athlete Prep hydration treatment the day before or following your race.

Make sure your body has the nutrients and electrolytes it needs for top performance or be sure your body fully recovers after your event with our IV therapy for athletes.

Feeling tough? Go the distance and get muddy with your buddies in an obstacle race, then rest and recover together with Fitness Recovery IV therapy as you relive your team’s triumphs.

Running a fun 5K as a team? Make sure everyone can keep up and perform at their best with athlete prep hydration therapy (and come back for some fitness recovery hydration after you cross the finish line).

Boost Hydration Gift Cards are Easy, Thoughtful and Perfect for Any Occasion!

Buy a Boost gift card and send it instantly online, or schedule delivery for a special day. You choose the amount and they have fun choosing an IV therapy treatment or vitamin injection.

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Orange County's Best Private Party IV Treatments

Choose from any of our IV therapies or vitamin injections, or create your own custom treatment with add-on boost options and advice from our medical staff. If you have a unique situation our doctor will listen to your concerns and develop an IV treatment just for you.

You don't need a reason to enjoy a healthy, relaxing activity with your friends or family. Make the most of your time together with hydration treatments and vitamin infusions so everyone looks and feels their best.

Boost Hydration is Orange County's leading hydration clinic. We serve individuals and groups in Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, Corona, Laguna Hills, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities.

Contact our Costa Mesa hydration clinic for more information or schedule your private party IV therapy today!