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Boost Collagen Naturally
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Boost Collagen Naturally with IV Vitamins

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How to increase collagen production for healthier looking skin

Boost collagen naturally with IV treatments in Costa Mesa CA

Collagen keeps skin firm and supple for a youthful glow.

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the body, used to build everything from blood vessels and muscles to skin and bones. Collagen is the structure or ‘scaffolding’ protein that gives skin and connective tissues stability and support.

Collagen is especially important for the outermost layer of skin which acts as a barrier against toxins, pathogens and other unwanted intruders.

Our bodies make collagen, but production slows as we age. When collagen levels drop we see unwanted effects like:

Aging isn’t the only culprit behind decreased collagen. Your body needs the right materials to build its own collagen. A poor diet (or poor digestion) can hurt your ability to synthesize collagen.

Nutrients required for collagen production:

Ingredients used in our IV drips and vitamin shots include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more. You can also customize any treatment with add-on boost options.

Why IV therapy is an optimal way to increase collagen

There are multiple factors that can prevent proper absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract:

IV infusions make sure you receive and properly absorb the nutrients required for collagen synthesis. Hydration and beneficial supplements go straight into your bloodstream and are distributed to every cell.

IV treatments are also free of pesticides, antibiotics and other contaminates that can be found in food products.

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Extra collagen-boosting beautiful skin tips:

Avoid sugar
Consuming high amounts of sugar accelerates collagen breakdown

Wear sunscreen
UV rays make collage break down more quickly

Don’t smoke
Cigarette smoke damages collagen and elastin, weakening skin

Break a sweat
Regular exercise has been shown to protect collagen and reduce visible signs of aging

IV therapy & vitamin shots to boost collagen levels naturally

Not sure where to start? We’re happy to recommend a treatment or design a custom formula based on your health and wellness goals.

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