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Benefits of proline in IV therapy

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IV therapy with proline has many health benefits including beautiful skin

Proline promotes healthy skin & better digestion, among many other health benefits.

Proline (aka L-proline) is an amino acid, which is a type of organic molecule used to create protein. Proline is synthesized in the body and also obtained through foods you eat.

Of the twenty amino acids, proline is unique because it’s molecular structure is unlike any of the others. Proline’s special configuration allows it to fold in specific ways to form proteins like collagen, making it especially important for healing and maintaining the health of skin and connective tissues.

Proline is included in our Post-Surgery Boost IV treatment to promote faster wound healing. Book IV therapy online or contact us to request a custom IV formula.

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Proline health benefits

Proline is important for both protein synthesis and structure, metabolism, wound healing and immune response.1 L-proline also supports digestive and cardiovascular health.

L-proline skin benefits

Collagen is a crucial part of skin tissue, and skin with high collagen levels appears more youthful, firm, and elastic. Proline not only boosts collagen production it also protects against collagen loss, which helps improve skin’s texture and appearance.

Your body ramps up proline synthesis for wound healing and repair of other soft-tissue injuries (even muscle recovery). Sufficient proline levels are critical for healing the skin and other soft tissues.2 IV infusion is the fastest way to send proline and other beneficial nutrients straight to your bloodstream for full absorption.

Proline and digestion

Because proline is so important for collagen synthesis, it has a direct impact on the tissues of your digestive tract. This can help remedy leaky gut syndrome, which in turn reduces autoimmune disorder.3

L-proline and joint health

Collagen is the main component of connective tissues like the cartilage, tendons and ligaments making up your joints. From about age 35 onwards our bodies make less collagen. Collagen can also be lost due to stress and unhealthy eating and drinking habits. Because proline is so important for collagen production, making sure you’re getting plenty of it is one way to increase collagen synthesis, regenerate cartilage and improve joint health.4

Proline and heart health

Collagen is also used to build tissues for blood vessels. Strengthening artery walls is one way to prevent atherosclerosis (obstruction of blood flow caused by plaque buildup in arteries). L-proline is important because collagen strengthens artery walls to prevent hardening of the arteries.5

L-proline and your immune system

Gut health is essential for proper immune system function, so by improving the tissues lining the digestive tract proline is also supporting healthy immune response.

Protein deficiency suppresses immune function6 and makes you more vulnerable to infection. Maintaining healthy levels of proline and other amino acids ensures protein requirements for the immune system can be more easily met.

Get an IV infusion with proline in Orange County

Our post-surgery IV treatment includes L-proline and other beneficial substances to promote healing and boost immunity.

Our Costa Mesa medical spa serves patients living throughout Orange County including Anaheim, Long Beach, Lake Forest and beyond. We offer IV package discounts, gift cards in any amount, and can even create a custom IV formula addressing your specific health concerns.

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