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Taurine IV therapy in Orange County

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What is taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid found in the body, many foods, and of course energy drinks.

Taurine IV benefits in Orange County CA

Taurine benefits include improved athletic performance & reduced anxiety.

Taurine is what’s known as a conditionally essential (or semi-essential) amino acid, meaning it can be made by the body… most of the time. Newborns need to get their taurine from breastmilk or a supplemented formula until they’ve developed enough to produce their own. At the other end of the spectrum, aging also reduces the body’s ability to produce enough taurine.

People lacking certain nutrients and/or enzymes may not be able to make their own taurine, and need a supplement to boost levels. Supplementing with taurine is also used to treat a range of health conditions including cardiovascular disease, migraines, insomnia, macular degeneration and many others.

Taurine gets is name from taurus (Latin) meaning bull, because a long time ago it was extracted from bulls (it’s also found in meat, fish, and dairy). Now taurine is typically made in labs and is fine for vegetarians/vegans.

But isn't taurine in energy drinks dangerous?

There’s been a lot of negative press surrounding energy drink ingredients, but don’t blame taurine: the dangers posed by energy drinks come from the high levels of caffeine and sugar mixed with other additives.

Taurine is a safe organic molecule with many health benefits, and an ingredient in many of our IV treatments and Boost Shots.

Taurine health benefits

Taurine has been found in several different organs and tissues in the body, and it has a direct effect on many important functions including:

Taurine has been used for many other situations and health outcomes as well, and it is still being studied. It has been called a ‘wonder molecule’ by some researchers.

Taurine for athletes

There have been many studies on taurine’s effects on athletic performance. Some of the most exciting findings include:

Taurine also helps clear lactic acid when exercising, which helps muscles endure longer and feel less sore.

Taurine for anxiety

Because taurine helps with production and regulation of GABA, it plays an important part in calming anxiety and stabilizing mood.2 Low GABA levels have been associated with chronic anxiety, mood disorders, and epilepsy.

Taurine as an antioxidant

Taurine works differently than other antioxidants, making it a valuable addition to IV therapies that help you detoxify. Rather than scavenging and cleaning up free radicals (like vitamin C), taurine helps prevent or limit oxidative stress in the first place. It also helps protect antioxidant enzymes.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 

IV treatments with taurine

We offer several IV infusions with taurine. We can also create a custom formula for you with taurine.

Athlete Prep IV

Pre-hydrate and give yourself a boost before a big event.

Brain Boost IV

Banish brain fog fast and give your brain what it needs for optimal focus and memory.

Fitness Recovery IV

Recover faster and reduce muscle soreness with taurine and other essential nutrients.

Hangover Rescue IV

Detoxify and rehydrate quickly to relieve punishing hangover symptoms.

Jet Lag IV

Support your immune system and replenish your system before or after a long flight.

Party Prep IV

Stay energized and prevent a hangover with extra hydration, taurine & vitamins.

Surgery Recovery IV

Give your body what it needs to recover and heal after surgery.

Stress Relief IV

Calm your nerves and relieve symptoms of anxiety with a relaxing IV hydration session.

Boost Shots with taurine

We offer two vitamin injections with taurine. To get the quick pick-me-up you’re after!

Good Mood Boost

Taurine deficiency can contribute to depression and anxiety. Our mood-balancing blend of taurine and other nutrients helps you feel better.

Anti-Stress Defense Boost

Stress can deplete essential nutrients. Replenish with a quick Boost shot to keep on an even keel.

Taurine IV treatments & Boost shots in Orange County

Book an IV treatment online or call during business hours to schedule. We do accept same day walk-ins, though you may want to call ahead first for the next available opening. Our Costa Mesa hydration clinic serves people living and traveling throughout Orange County, including San Diego and Los Angeles.

Book IV therapy online or contact a member of our medical staff with any questions about taurine.


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