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Metabolism boosting vitamin injections
Super Skinny Me Boost
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Super Skinny Me Boost shot $45 – Orange County, CA

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Metabolism boosting vitamin shots can help you meet your goals faster.

Metabolism boosting vitamin shots jump start weight loss efforts

Make weight loss easier! The Super Skinny Me Boost has all the same ingredients as our Super Skinny Me weight loss injection, plus B-complex vitamins for a powerful metabolism boost.

Injection therapy administered in a private room takes less than a minute and delivers essential nutrients directly through your bloodstream.

Our proprietary formulation will jump-start your metabolism for superior weight loss results along with your daily fitness and diet routine.

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If you’re frustrated with diets and workouts alone, or you just want to lose a few more pounds to reach your goal and can’t seem to get there, Super Skinny Me Boost injections may be the answer.

Our fast and easy metabolism-boosting shot could give you the push you need to get past your weight loss plateau.

Already a fan? Save money on vitamin injections and IV therapy with our package pricing.

B-Complex Vitamins Boost Your Metabolism & Mood

Along with our Super Skinny Me Boost and high-dose metabolism injections, our vitamin B12 shots can improve weight loss, as well. B12 helps your metabolism process fats and proteins and slows down weight gain. It also boosts your energy so you’re more motivated to exercise and eat healthy foods! Talk to our medical professionals to find out which vitamin injection is best for your weight loss plan.

Hydration is also important for healthy weight loss. It improves digestive system function and allows your muscles to work harder and burn more calories. Along with the Skinny Me weight loss injection, be sure to replace the fluids lost during exercise with our Fitness Recovery IV therapy.

5 More Vitamins & Supplements to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, these vitamins and supplements can act as metabolism boosters:

Metabolism Boosters Empower Your Weight Loss Efforts

There are a lot of pills, surgeries, and treatments claiming to be the fastest weight loss solution. While the Super Skinny Me Boost vitamin injection is not some miracle shot to make you thinner, it supplements your healthy diet and exercise routine to make the most of it.

When your body has all the nutrients it needs, it functions more efficiently and better manages your weight. The vitamins and nutrients in our weight loss shots boost your metabolism, energy, and mood so you’ll lose weight faster and be more motivated to keep at it. Make an appointment or just stop in today!

Hydration is also key to starting and sustaining weight loss. Our weight loss IV therapy delivers optimal hydration plus metabolism-boosting vitamins and can be custom formulated to meet your needs.

Book an appointment online for your metabolism-boosting vitamin shot, or contact our natural weight loss experts in Orange County to learn more!