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IV therapy for vitamin deficiency
Vitamin Deficiency Treatment
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IV Therapy for Vitamin Deficiency in Orange County, CA

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Treat Common Vitamin Deficiencies with an IV Drip

For optimal growth, development and function of your body, vitamins are essential nutrients and provided through diet. Without the right amount of vitamins in your nutrition your health will suffer and if left untreated can lead to serious disease. Boost Hydration's popular B12 Mega Boost shot and Vitamin C IV therapy are the best solutions available for Orange County area residents seeking natural vitamin deficiency treatments. 

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency is one of the most common types of nutrient depletions a body will endure. Up to 15% of people don’t get enough Vitamin B12 in their diet.  Considering this important nutrient only comes from animal products, vegetarians are likely sufferers. Foods like eggs and meat are considered to be high in this essential vitamin.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms Include:

Vitamin B12 Enriched Foods:

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common among Americans and more difficult to detect.  Unlike most vitamins, D doesn’t come from your diet. This vitamin is gained through your sun exposure and supplement intake, making it a little more complex to receive the right amount.  Also, when your body receives vitamin D it functions like a hormone where every cell in your body has a receptor for it.  

While soaking up the sun may help, there are additional steps a person should take to make certain their vitamin levels are where they need to be.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms:

Risk Factors

Luckily, Boost Hydration will help ensure your body is receiving the necessary amounts of vitamins to function properly.  With our Build Your Own Boost Treatment, your boost starts with the mighty Vitamin B12 with the ability to add shots for additional health benefits like Vitamin C and Biotin. Vitamin B12 Boost shots will also help to increase your energy, promote weight loss and boost your immunity.

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