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IV therapy for depression
Treat Depression
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Natural IV Treatments for Depression & Anxiety in Orange County

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Feeling stuck, low, drained or down? Proper hydration and nutrition may be the cure!

When you’re in the grips of depression, mental fatigue or just a funky bad mood it can seem impossible to find a way out. Some people think insomnia, IV Therapy for Depression Orange Countyanxiety and other mood-related disorders are inevitable effects of aging, genetics or the environment. But resolving symptoms of depression could be as simple as treating chronic dehydration.

Your body and your mind need adequate hydration and nutrition to function optimally. It can be hard to know if you’re getting the right amount of water and essential nutrients from your diet. IV hydration therapy sends essential fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream to support vibrant health and well-being on every level.

Why You Might be Feeling Depleted

Chronic health conditions, stress, medication, alcohol and lack of sleep can deplete your energy and interfere with absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Further, the digestive process limits how much your body can absorb, and it can take hours before the vitamins in the supplement you swallowed actually make it to your bloodstream.

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Chronic Dehydration Can Contribute to Depression

Depression and dehydration are strongly linked. In fact, depression is one of the symptoms of chronic dehydration! Our brains are made up of more than 85% water. A dehydrated brain can’t produce enough serotonin or other important neurotransmitters affecting mood.

Dehydration creates stress in every part of your body. When your adrenal glands feel stressed, they produce more of the stress hormone cortisol and eventually become exhausted. Proper hydration is critical to minimize the physical and emotional effects of stress.

Vitamins and Depression

Many different vitamin deficiencies can contribute to depression symptoms, and B-vitamins are crucial for good mental and emotional health. Our bodies don’t store these vitamins, so making sure you get the right amounts of B-complex vitamins and other essential nutrients is an important part of maintaining well-being.

Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency include:

Stress also depletes magnesium, an essential mineral for stable energy and brain chemistry. IV hydration therapy enhanced with vitamins and minerals can help stabilize energy levels and alleviate the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders.

Natural Remedies for Depression

You should always consult a physician about your depression symptoms to rule out a more serious underlying condition. Your doctor may recommend therapy, medication, hormone balancing or other treatments.

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Natural ways to relieve depression and enhance your mood:

Depression can be caused by many different factors including your physical health, job, relationships and much more. Nourishing your body and mind with IV hydration therapy is a good way to make sure dehydration and vitamin deficiencies aren’t contributing to your bad moods.

How a Vitamin IV Drip Benefits your Body, Mind & Mood

When the cause of depression or other mood disorders is caused by a nutritional deficiency, IV therapy supplies the essential vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best.

Unlike pills or vitamin drinks, nutrients delivered intravenously are absorbed instantly and completely. IV therapy delivers optimum hydration and nutrition to your bloodstream where it is carried directly to your brain and other internal organs so you can receive the full benefits.

Relax, Recover and Reduce Depression Symptoms Naturally

Your treatment takes place in our relaxing spa setting and takes effect immediately while you lie back and relax. If you’re dealing with stress or struggling to get enough sleep you need to make sure your daily intake of nutrients is ideal to support a good mood.

IV therapy treatments refresh and rehydrate, giving you the resources you need to break free from a fog of depression.

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