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Hydrating Hair and nail IV therapy
Hydration for Hair & Nails
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How IV Vitamin Infusions Benefit Your Hair & Nails

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IV Hydration for Healthy Hair & Nails in Orange County, CA

IV hydration treatments with biotin for stronger hair in Costa Mesa CA

Sunshine & seawater can damage hair. IV vitamin infusions help rehydrate and nourish your tresses.

Dry hair and brittle nails are common for people with poor hydration and nutrition, and treating the dryness can be frustrating. With so many different shampoos and conditioners, plus cuticle creams and nail oils, how are you supposed to figure out what works without trying every last product and going broke in the process?


Easy. Instead of buying yet another bottle to take up space in your bathroom, get an IV hydration treatment or boost shot with all the nutrients your hair and nails need in our relaxing spa environment.

Our hydrating IV therapies and vitamin injections provide essential nutrients for healthy hair and nails. Some of our most popular treatments are hydration wellness IV therapy and vitamin C infusions. We can also customize a treatment addressing your specific health and beauty concerns.

Biotin IV Drips Support Hair & Nail Growth

When you don't get enough biotin (vitamin B7) it adversely affects how fast your hair and nails grow. Maintain your hair and nails naturally with vitamin IV infusions or a fast vitamin injection at Boost Hydration.

Many beauty products for hair and nails contain biotin, but vitamins are absorbed much more completely and support healthy hair and nails most effectively intravenous vitamin infusions.

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Is it normal to have dry nails?

Almost a quarter of U.S. adults have dry, brittle nails. When your nails are brittle they’re more likely to chip, peel off in layers and have rough edges.

What causes dry nails?

Brittle nail syndrome can be caused by certain health conditions (such as thyroid disorders) and by everyday activities such as washing dishes without gloves or exposure to harsh chemicals (like in cleaning products). Nail polish and nail polish remover are also a common cause of dry fingernails.

Nails are made up of layers of keratin, the same protein making up your hair and the outer layer of your skin. Through everyday activities, the small spaces between layers of keratin can swell when exposed to air, water and other substances, resulting in more breakage and peeling.

How to Hydrate Your Nails

IV vitamin infusions moisturize and strengthen brittle nails

Vitamin IV drips are an easy way to help your body heal brittle or peeling nails.

Some home remedies for dry nails include applying moisturizers like lotion, ointment, oils or petroleum jelly. Apply your moisturizer of choice before bed and wear cotton gloves or socks.

You can also wear gloves when cleaning to protect your nails, and switch to a mild, moisturizing hand soap. It’s also best to avoid exposure to hot water, which is very drying for skin, hair and nails.

The easiest, most enjoyable way to hydrate your nails is with a relaxing hydration treatment at our Costa Mesa wellness spa. IV vitamin infusions rehydrate and renew your nails, hair and every cell in your body.

What causes dry hair?

There are several potential reasons for dry hair. It could be your scalp not producing enough oil to moisturize your strands, or it could be the hair failing to retain moisture. You can have dry hair at any age, though it does become more common as you get older.

Other dry hair triggers include the climate you live or work in, swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean, chemicals in your hair products and heat treatments like straighteners or curlers.

Just like dry nails, dry hair can also be a symptom of a thyroid disorder.

Hydrating IV Treatments and Home Remedies for Softer Hair

An IV treatment will certainly help your hair get the hydration and nutrients it needs, but your hair will still need care and attention to look its best. Here are a few ways you can encourage softer, healthier hair between treatments:

IV Infusions for Strong & healthy Hair and Nails

IV infusions with hydrating fluids, electolytes, vitamins and supercharged antioxidants like glutathione help your body detoxify. When your systems are well-hydrated and receiving the nutrition they need to maintain, you'll notice stronger and faster-growing hair and nails.

Book an IV treatment online, or contact our IV therapy specialists for more information on skin & hair hydration.