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B Complex IV Therapy in Orange County

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Benefits of B complex vitamin injections & IV drips

Vitamin B complex IV therapy benefits in Orange County CA

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Vitamin B complex includes all 8 B vitamins:

The B vitamins make up 8 of the 13 essential vitamins for human beings – essential as in your body cannot function properly without them.

What is vitamin B complex used for?

B vitamins power the chemical reactions needed for many different bodily functions including making/repairing immune system antibodies and DNA.
More ways B vitamins play an important part in your overall health:

B vitamins are crucial for optimal energy levels, but they don’t directly supply your body with fuel. They enable your body to use the energy found in macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein).

Vitamin B complex deficiency

Some health conditions (for example Celiac disease, Crohn’s, IBS) can keep you from absorbing all the B vitamins you need. People with alcohol dependence, kidney problems, or rheumatoid arthritis are also at risk of B vitamin deficiency.

Only vitamins B-12 and B-9 can be stored in the liver, so it’s important to get enough B vitamins on a regular basis.

B vitamins are commonly found in many foods, but can be easily destroyed when exposed to heat, water, and air as food is prepared, cooked or processed.

Symptoms of vitamin B complex deficiency can include:

Rather than self-diagnose a vitamin deficiency, always check with your doctor to make sure your symptoms aren’t from something else.

Vitamin B complex side effects

Taken in proper amounts there should be no side effects from vitamin B complex. B vitamins are all water soluble, so overdose is unlikely.

But taking too much vitamin B complex is possible, for instance if a supplement has excessively high levels or is overconsumed. Side effects can include:

These symptoms can be caused by any number of health conditions, so always discuss your concerns with a doctor.

All IV treatments at Boost Hydration are administered by a member of our nursing staff. Custom formulations available.

B complex IV benefits

While each B vitamin has its own specific qualities, B complex prevents imbalances among them and allows individual B vitamins to work synergistically to:

IV therapy is an ideal way to make sure you’re getting plenty of B complex vitamins and hydration. Essential nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream for optimal absorption.

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IV therapy with B complex vitamins

Several of our IV treatments include vitamin B complex:

We also offer add-on boosts you can use to enhance any IV drip. Custom IV formulas are also available to address your specific health and wellness goals.

Vitamin B complex injections

B complex vitamins are also included in these Boost Shots:

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