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Marathon Hydration
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Marathon Hydration – Orange County, CA

Stay Hydrated All the Way to the Finish Line.

Sweat pours off your face as you breeze past the water stop, leaving a crowd of runners in your dust. Stopping for water would just slow you down, right? But then, a few minutes later, your stomach starts to hurt and your muscles cramp up.

Hydration for runners and athletes is important, especially if your workout lasts longer than an hour.

For maximum hydration in preparation for a marathon or training, or rehydration after, visit our marathon IV hydration expertsIntravenous hydration for marathon runners allows your body to absorb the fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins more quickly and efficiently than drinking water or sports drinks. Hydration for cyclists and other athletes is just as important as runner hydration, whether you're training for a big race or just working out.

Don’t live dangerously.

Runner Stretching after Receiving Marathon HydrationDrinking too much or too little can have severe consequences. Dehydration in runners can contribute to slower running times as well as cause a variety of health problems:

Furthermore, being dehydrated cause your body to overheat and lead to electrolyte imbalance. Our IV fluids for dehydration will replenish the water and essential electrolytes you lost during the marathon.

On the other hand, overhydration can lead to hyponatremia, or a low sodium level in your blood. Sodium is an electrolyte and regulates the water in and around your cells. When you overhydrate and your sodium level drops, your cells swell from the extra water, a potentially life-threatening condition.

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Maintain proper hydration before, during, and after a marathon with these tips:

1.    Drink plenty of water in the days before your marathon and avoid alcohol.
2.    Drink 16 ounces of water about an hour before you begin the marathon.
3.    Drink another 4 to 8 ounces immediately before you start running.
4.    During the run, drink when you’re thirsty, utilizing water stops along the course or a fluid carrier like a hydration belt or backpack.
5.    After the race, drink 20 to 24 ounces for every pound you lost.

Drinking water during and after the run is fine, but sports drinks offer several advantages. Along with hydrating, sports drinks replenish the sodium, minerals, and electrolytes you lose through sweat. They also provide an energy boost and have been shown to improve performance in marathons. Like sports drinks, our Fitness Recovery IV hydration treatment will rehydrate you, restore electrolyte balance, and promote muscle recovery.

Book your intravenous hydration treatment online to completely rehydrate before and after you win that marathon, or contact our IV hydration specialists in Costa Mesa to learn more.