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IV Hydration Therapy Menu – Orange County, CA

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IV Hydration Therapy and Vitamin IV Infusions to Revive, Replenish and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

IV Hydration Therapy Costa Mesa

With the right combination of hydration, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, anything is possible. Our range of IV treatments provide the hydration and nutrients you need by sending them straight into your bloodstream.

When you drink water and take oral vitamins, about half of the nutrients are lost during digestion. When you receive nutrients intravenously, they are completely absorbed and can go straight to wherever your body needs them. Our IV hydration therapies will have you feeling better instantly.

Every IV treatment and vitamin injection we offer is available in our Costa Mesa wellness spa or in your home, hotel or workplace in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego with our mobile IV service. Book your appointment online or share the benefits of hydration treatments with friends and colleagues with a private group IV treatment.

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Benefits of IV Hydration

Our Orange County hydration clinic offers vitamin therapies to improve your overall health and mood. With 100% absorption of fluids and vitamins, our hydration treatments can relieve a variety of problems, including:


IV Therapy Migraines Orange County

Fitness dehydration

IV Hydration Fitness Orange County

Weak immunity

IV Drip Low Immunity Orange County

Hangover symptoms

IV Hydration Hangover Orange County

Cold and flu

Cold Flu Relief IV Drip Orange County

Jet lag

IV Therapy Jet Lag Los Angeles

Low energy

IV Hydration Low Energy Orange County

Dry or damaged skin

IV Hydration Dry Skin Orange County


IV Drip Stress Relief Orange County

Weight loss

IV Drip For Weight Loss Orange County

Sleep problems

IV Hydration for Insomnia Orange County


IV Therapy For Memory Loss Orange County

IV infusions from our Costa Mesa wellness spa provide you with the hydration and nutrients you need for optimum health.

IV Therapy Cost

Boost Hydration IV infusions are priced from $99 to $225 based on the size and type of infusion. Most of our IV treatments cost $175 for a large bag. IV treatment prices are found on individual treatment pages.

Our add-on boosts are priced from $25 to $50 each and can be added to the IV treatment of your choice.

Save up to 33% on IV therapy and vitamin injections with Boost Hydration IV infusion & boost shot package pricing!

Give the Gift of IV Therapy

Buy Boost Hydration gift cards instantly online in the amount of your choice! Send instantly or schedule delivery for another day, and never be late with a gift again! IV hydration and vitamin injections are an easy, thoughtful, one-size-fits all gift perfect for any occasion!

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Add the Benefits of Glutathione to any IV Treatment

Glutathione is an extremely potent antioxidant, skin lightener and immune booster. Learn more about the many amazing benefits of glutathione and why glutathione IV therapy is recommended over oral supplements.

Custom IV Treatments Available

If you suffer from autoimmune disease, IBS, fibromyalgia or have a unique condition, concern or situation our doctors will be happy to create a customized IV hydration treatment just for you!

Book an appointment for hydration therapy online for fast relief from migraines, hangovers, stress, sickness, jet lag, and more! Or contact our IV hydration specialists in Costa Mesa to learn more.