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Vitamin D Injections
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Orange County’s Vitamin D Shot Therapy

Vitamin D Injection Therapy

Vitamin Shot Infusions

BoostHydration now offers Vitamin D shot injections for clients in the Orange County, CA area. Vitamin D is is a fat-soluble hormone and nutrient produced by the body. Vitamin D injections provide an easy, affordable way to boost your overall health. Vitamin D shots cost $50.00 per injection.

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Benefits of Vitamin D Injections

    • Stronger Bones
      The body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium and 99% of calcium is stored in our bones. Vitamin D ensures strong bones and lowers the risk of osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia (bone pain/muscle weakness).

    • Better Heart Health
      A growing body of evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of heart disease and is linked to other, well-known heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes according to WebMD.

    • Stronger Immune System
      Vitamin D is associated with building immunity and fighting infection by regulating immune cells. Studies suggest Vitamin D’s importance in regulating inflammation in immune cells.

    • Elevated Mood
      review of 7,534 people found that those experiencing negative emotions who received Vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in symptoms. Patients with depression and anxiety also showed improvement.

    • Sharper Cognitive Function
      Vitamin D deficiency is increased with age-related cognitive decline. Cognitive impairment and dementia have been linked to Vitamin D deficiency through research.

    • Diabetes and Weight Loss Support
      Ample Vitamin D will keep hormone levels in check and support a decrease in body fat. Evidence indicates that vitamin D treatment improves glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.


Almost Half of the US Population is Vitamin D Deficient

study released by the National Library of Medicine found 42% of US adults are Vitamin D deficient. The study outlines more sensitive groups:

  • Blacks (82% deficient)
  • Hispanics (69% deficient)
  • Caucasians who receive minimal sun exposure
  • Premenopausal women
  • Individuals with poor nutrition habits
  • Individuals over the age of 65
  • Individuals on long-term medication for heartburn, acid reflux and constipation

What are the signs of Vitamin D deficiency?

Many patients with Vitamin D deficiency are asymptomatic. However, any of the following are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

Fatigue Achiness Hair Loss
Interrupted Sleep Depression Muscle Weakness
Bone Pain Feelings of Sadness Loss of Appetite
Weakened Immune System Pale Skin Uptick in Sickness

Quick Facts: Vitamin D and Disease Prevention

  1. Heart Disease

    A deficiency in Vitamin D is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease according to study.

  2. Diabetes

    study followed more than 10,000 children for 30 years. Those who took at least 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily had an 80% lower risk of developing diabetes than those who did not take vitamin D.

  3. Cancer

    Most observational studies report Vitamin D has a beneficial effect on the risk of colon, breast, prostate and ovarian cancer. The effect of Vitamin D on other cancers is underway.

Vitamin D Shot FAQ

 What foods are high in vitamin D?

Canned fish like herring or sardines, fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver and fish liver. Sound appetizing?

 Which foods are vitamin D fortified?

Breakfast cereals, milk, almond milk, soy milk, orange juice and oatmeal are examples. Although more common, proper Vitamin D consumption through food is tricky.

 Can I rely on the sun for all Vitamin D absorption?

While the sun provides adequate Vitamin D, high ultraviolet exposure is associated with skin cancer and aging. The SPF in sunscreen also blocks Vitamin D absorption. Supplementation, especially during the winter months, is the most effective way to ensure proper Vitamin D consumption.

 Will Vitamin D shots prevent me from getting sick?

A new study found Vitamin D may play a role in helping the immune system ward off respiratory diseases like the common cold. Moreover, there have been multiple cross-sectional studies associating lower levels of Vitamin D with increased infection.

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