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Costa Mesa, CA 92627

M-F 8:30a-4:00p, Sat 8:00a-2:00p, Sun: closed

Costa Mesa, CA

M-F: 8:30a-4:00p, Sat: 8:00a-2:00p, Sun: Closed

Email, text or call for IV therapy in Newport Beach, California Contact our hydration specialists in Newport Beach to learn more about IV therapy and boost shots

Boost Hydration Clinic in Costa Mesa, CA

IV Hydration Therapy & Vitamin Shots at Newport Medical & Wellness Center

From our Costa Mesa wellness spa, our IV hydration therapy specialists serve clients throughout Orange County. 

Walk-ins are welcome during normal business hours.  Repeat clients, please arrive at least 45 minutes before closing to complete an IV therapy or 10 minutes prior to closing for our injection therapies. First-time clients, please add 15 minutes to the above times to complete our medical forms.

Make an IV Hydration Treatment Appointment in Costa Mesa 

IV Treatment Menu at Costa Mesa Medical Spa

 Check out our full IV hydration menu including package pricing and add-on boosts to customize your treatment.

Our highly trained IV therapy medical staff will recommend the best hydration therapy for your health goals.

Vitamin Injections for Fast Results

With vitamin shots from our hydration clinic near Newport Beach, you’ll feel happier, healthier, and more energized than ever.

Boost Shot options include:

Visit our spa-like hydration clinic on Newport Blvd and get effective vitamin therapy in under a minute. Book a single shot treatment or get 8 injections for the price of 7 with our IV treatment & vitamin shot package pricing offers.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Boost.

Visit Boost to get the IV therapy and Boost vitamin shots you need to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body in a relaxed, spa setting.

Costa Mesa Location Details:

Newport Medical and Wellness Center

2216 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Open Clinic Hours:
M-F: 8:30a-4:00p
Sat: 8:00a-2:00p
Sun: Closed