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IV Hydration When Sick
Hydration When Sick
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Hydration When You’re Sick – Orange County, CA

You Need Water to Get Better.

Sick Woman before IV Hydration and VitaminsProper hydration is essential to recovering from colds, the flu, and other illnesses. When you’re buried in blankets on the couch watching daytime talk shows, waiting for your sinuses to clear up and running out of tissues, your body is becoming more and more dehydrated. You’re hungry, but not even soup sounds appetizing at this point.

Your body loses a lot of fluids when you’re sick. It’s important to replace lost water and nutrients so your cells have the energy to fight off the sickness. When you’re sick, you often don’t have the appetite to eat properly.

There’s a better way to get the hydration and nutrients you need to get better faster. Our IV hydration Cold and Flu Therapy and Vitamin C IV therapy deliver fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients to your cells so they can fight off your cold. After one easy, 30 minute treatment in our relaxing spa environment, you’ll be on your way to recovering. Our hydration clinic near Newport Beach also offers flu shots to keep you healthy.

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Vitamin C Therapy Administered in a Private Room

Our Vitamin C IV drip treatment boosts your immune system to protect against illness or help you feel better if you’re already sick. Delivering a high dose of vitamin C directly into your bloodstream at the first sign of symptoms may be all it takes to keep sickness at bay. Our soothing hydration treatments are provided in a private room for a relaxing spa experience.

Fast-acting IV hydration has many health benefits in addition to a faster recovery from illness. We can even customize a treatment just for you.

Book an appointment for IV therapy for the fastest way to get over a cold, or contact our IV hydration experts to learn more!