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Hydrating Hair and Skin Therapy
Hair / Skin
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Hydration for Hair and Skin – Orange County, CA

When You Can’t Remember What All Those Bottles are Supposed to Do.

Dry skin and hair are common for people with poor hydration and nutrition, and treating the dryness can be frustrating. With so many different shampoos and conditioners, lotions, facial masks, hair masks, gels, and goops, how are you supposed to figure out what works for your hair and skin without trying every last product and going broke in the process?

Moisturized Hair from IV Hydration

Easy. Instead of buying yet another expensive bottle to take up space in your bathroom, get an IV hydration therapy or boost shot with all the nutrients your hair and skin need in our relaxing spa environment.

Our vitamin-rich IV therapies and injections provide essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

No Need for Hair Masks

An IV treatment will certainly help your hair get the hydration and nutrients it needs, but your hair will still need care and attention to look its best. Here are a few ways you can encourage softer, healthier hair without the extra goop:

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Exfoliate Dry Skin

It’s hard to hydrate your skin from the inside because your other organs normally get first dibs on the water you drink. To make sure your skin gets the moisture it needs, it’s important to hydrate it from the outside as well. Along with our hydration therapies, these steps will help heal and prevent dry skin:

Keep your skin young and healthy with our anti-aging IV hydration treatments at our Orange County hydration clinic. Looking for a more general healthy glow? Try our IV Hydration Wellness treatment, full of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to keep your whole body healthy, including your hair and skin.

Book an IV hydration treatment, or contact our skin and hair hydration specialists for more information.